Feb 7, 2013 — Did I ever tell you about the time I got asked to make a series of ebooks promoting a scam? Expressing fraudulent claims and selling bunk products to fix imaginary problems “proven” by pseudoscience? That’s right, folks, I got approached by the purveyors of “Proton Patch,” another bullshit product designed to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Pull up a chair.

How to Crash the Superbowl, pt 7
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Mar 24, 2012 — It’s hard to talk about what happened on February 5, 2012. The day feels like a confusing dream, the kind you wake from in happiness and then sadly realize never occurred. The only difference is that it did. Part 7: The Superbowl. Meeting Saturday Night Live stars, sitting in chairs waiting for commercial breaks, the Lonely Island, and an amazing Sundance coincidence!

How to Crash the Superbowl, pt 6
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Feb 14, 2012 — All the finalists and Doritos team met downstairs. “Make sure you have everything you need for the whole day,” they told us, “and don’t bring anything you can’t bring into the stadium with you.” This was really happening. Part 6: Superbowl Day. Peyton Manning, festival around the stadium, strict security; unbelievable nervous thrill!

How to Crash the Superbowl, pt 5
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Feb 6, 2012 — Saturday night before the Superbowl we were treated to a swank dinner where we met several more Doritos marketing and advertising bigwigs. And, finally, Akiva from Lonely Island!!!! Cognac and cigars on the roof of the restaurant; fellowship and nerves. Part 5: the day before the Superbowl!