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You’ve Got to Be Shitting Me

I decided to apply for a $20,000 Commissioning Grant for the new screenplay I’ve been working on. I’ve been doing round-the-clock web-design work to afford food; this grant would free me up to take a break and finish writing. It could be a hell of a movie if I could concentrate on the damn thing for more than an hour a week. So I asked a Hollywood producer who’s seen and liked my work to write me a recommendation letter.

Today he wrote back and said, “Please send me the letter you’d like. I’ll sign it and return it to you on my letterhead.”

Am I right to feel vaguely dirty about this, or should I be falling all over myself with gratitude?

I mean, the guy likes what I’ve done. He’s trying to help. But this just feels downright fucked up.

Maybe I should stop being so creeped out by the way they do things out there and just write myself the most glowing recommendation letter in the history of the planet.


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Thanks, guys.

Update (9/10/2007) – I got a stunning recommendation letter from one of my Sundance advisors, so this whole thing may be moot. I was knocked out by some of the nice things he said. I really hope it helps.

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