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I’ve Been Offered $180,000 to Become the Next Aaron Sorkin

EDIT: April Fools, people.

This morning I woke up to my phone ringing. I’d been up late working on a new website—I haven’t been writing on the new screenplay lately because I decided to make some money for a few months first so I could afford to concentrate on it. The call was from Lacy Pearman, the vice-president of development at Dreamworks. She was calling to offer me $180,000.

When I was at Sundance, I met a guy, Renardo, who worked at one of the little coffee shops in Park City where all the famous people go in between screenings. He was on break and had picked up a flyer for my movie Moving which I’d strategically left on tables in shops and lounges and screening rooms. I got to talking to him about it, and we struck up a conversation about movies, which he loved as much as I did and wanted someday to make himself.

Well, Renardo eventually made his way to LA and became a script reader, then a member of a development team, then a producer, then an assistant to Lacy back when she was with Universal, around the time they were working on “Charlie Wilson’s War,” written by one of my favorites, Aaron Sorkin. When one of their subsidiaries offered us our $20,000 distribution deal I mentioned in an earlier post, word filtered up and it jogged his memory. He asked for some of my stuff and I sent it, not expecting anything in response.

Well, Lacy was out in New York pulling together some East Coast talent for a sequel to “Charlie Wilson’s War” about the repurcussions in Afghanistan of America’s intervention there against the Soviet Union in the 1980’s—a theme strongly hinted at in the ending of the film but never actually addressed. Apparently, Aaron Sorkin wanted to do it himself but is busy working on a West Wing feature film idea, and is having trouble getting Martin Sheen onboard, because (and this is just scuttlebutt) he is working on some bigger-budget projects to help pay for his son’s legal bills over the past decade or so, which nearly bankrupted him. So my buddy Renardo sent Sorkin my screenplays, and he loved them and recommended me to Lacy personally.

This is Lacy’s first big project at Dreamworks since leaving Universal, and I’ve been offered it! Plus the possibility of a three-film development contract if the screenplay hits certain milestones. I’ll probably be moving in a few months.

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