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How to Crash the Superbowl, pt 2

We were on the way to the airport and a semi truck crashed in front of us, about a football field’s length from the exit to the airport. We almost missed Crash the Superbowl because of a crash. Fortunately, nobody was injured (I checked) and in spite of blocking all the travel lanes with his sideways trailer, the driver kindly left a shoulder open for us to squeeze by.

We got to Indy and found that everything everywhere is branded Superbowl XLVI. It’s on the floors, the walls, in every airport store, plastered 80 feet high on gigantic hotel decals. Even the pilot was talking about it. He apparently didn’t know anything about sports, though; on the way in he came over the PA and welcomed everyone to Indy, “especially all you basketball fans.”

And then…

Leaving HomeAirport BrandingWelcoming CommitteePre-SwagINDYYYYY

They had a welcoming team at the airport and a car with a driver, and tables all over the airport handing out free Doritos and handy Superbowl guides. Our driver was a paramedic—they hired EMTs, firemen, and paramedics to be limo drivers all weekend since they knew they’d be safe drivers. At the hotel, the Doritos marketing/PR team was there with huge smiles, and I quickly found out they’re incredibly nice and funny people who love doing this contest every year.

In our room, they’d stashed four big Superbowl-imprinted backpacks stuffed with swag, plus a Blu-Ray surround-sound system, and a brand-new iPad preloaded with the weekend’s schedule. It was the best Christmas morning we’ve had since we were little kids beating each other up over Legos! Half an hour after we ripped the room apart in glee finding all the awesome goodies, I heard shrieking from the other side of the wall—the Bird of Prey guys had just showed up and discovered their iPad.

Hotel swagAnd Here's Your iPadWelcome Dinner

There was a welcome dinner and by the end everybody was laughing and trading production horror stories and it was just like a reunion of high-school friends.

All the finalists had ridiculous tales of the problems they had filming (if you’ve seen our Blooper Reel you know Huff was impossible to manage)—the Dog Park creators Tyler and Heather talked about how they miraculously got all the dog-training equipment on the day of filming, and Joby from Bird of Prey talked about how he was up all night before shooting, building the dummy that smashed into the window. One of the guys, Kevin, has been a finalist three years in a row. These guys are incredibly funny and so far it’s looking like a great weekend. And, in case you’re wondering, all the finalists this year, every single one, is a 20-40 year old white male. Maybe it’s something about the product or the macho sports atmosphere, but there really oughta be some cool entries from other demographics. I’m surprised there aren’t any this time around. Get busy, filmmakers!

So, today Jonathan is doing junket-style TV interviews all morning, and I overheard some talk that we’ll be going to some event where Archie Manning will be (and possibly Peyton), and heard a rumor that we’ll actually be going out on the field after the game and possibly during the trophy presentation. We’ll see if there’s anything to it on Sunday.

Okay, that’s all for now.

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