Category: The Human Condition

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How to Be Wrong

Aug 23, 2009 — We have a kind of national pathology of self-esteem; of needing to be validated. I think the problem is hating to feel wrong. But if you are, don’t you want to know? Learn to love to be wrong. It’s the only way to become right.

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You Choose

Mar 1, 2009 — Consider a long hallway. So long that in either direction, it fades into the distance. In the middle there is a walkway. On the right, like in an airport, is a conveyor belt moving forwards. On the left is a conveyor belt moving backwards. Your friend is on it and doesn’t even know. “Don’t criticize me,” she says. “I’m not judging you in the slightest,” you say. “You’re just actually, literally, on the wrong conveyor belt.” Now what?

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How To Prevent People From Telling You the Truth

Sep 25, 2007 — I’ve had to spend the last day and a half trying to repair my email system and address book due to a corrupted email synchronization, due to a computer intrusion. (In fact a devastating, life-altering event in my personal life. This blog doesn’t get very personal, so this entry is my way of coping with it.) Now, today’s lesson: How To Prevent People From Telling You the Truth!

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