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The FilmTraveler Guidebook to Expelled

Jul 31, 2008 — Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a pseudo-documentary which was released in 2008. It invents two false premises: that Intelligent Design (Creationism) is a scientific concept, and that its advocates are being persecuted by Big Science for their beliefs. While it’s possible those things are true, this movie doesn’t show either of them. Here’s why.

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Finding Emo: A Review of Stop-Loss

Apr 4, 2008 — Stop-Loss is an entire movie full of Hayden Christensens, stomping and growling and tensing up and tilting their heads and jutting their jaws out indignantly. I don’t blame the performers; there was nothing else for the poor actors to do. If there’s nothing worthwhile to find, they’re gonna find emo. Here’s my rave review.

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