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What I’ve seen of the movie industry from the inside out


Mar 9, 2009 — Plagiarism or stealing? You decide!!!

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Why I Turned Down a $20,000 Distribution Deal with Universal

Oct 12, 2007 — A subsidiary of Universal offered us $20,000, 20% of net profits, and we would have had access to the full Universal music library for licensing if we wanted to put in new music. We turned them down. To be precise, I proposed revisions to the contract they wanted us to sign—and they flatly refused to consider them. So we didn’t sign. Here’s why I thought at the time it was the right thing to do.

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Stay on Target… Stay on Target… And It’s Away!

Sep 7, 2007 — I’ve sent off my package. I am now an official applicant for the commissioning grant. As you can tell by the sleepless, starving, sweat-stinking guy on the right making a stupid face, it was stressful to put together

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You’ve Got to Be Shitting Me

Sep 5, 2007 — I decided to apply for a $20,000 Commissioning Grant for the new screenplay I’ve been working on. I’ve been doing round-the-clock web-design work to afford food; this grant would free me up to take a break and finish writing. So I asked a Hollywood producer who’s seen and liked my work to write me a recommendation letter. Today he wrote back and said, “Please send me the letter you’d like. I’ll sign it and return it to you on my letterhead.” What should I do?

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