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I Had to Leave America to Write, part 1

Aug 27, 2007 — When I was invited to go to Maine and Nova Scotia for two and half weeks, I emailed all my web design clients, called a few friends to cancel plans, and left within three days. A dear friend got frustrated with me and said, “You don’t have to leave to write! You can do it anywhere.” Some people just don’t get it. Part 1: Here’s what she didn’t understand.

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I Had to Leave America to Write, part 2

Sep 3, 2007 — We hiked every day, and I would read in the car and sometimes on the trails, and write at night and do my little Rosetta Stone CD-ROM course to try to learn Chinese. There was no running water. When it got dark, the sky was deep, with the Milky Way splattered all over it. We’d sit in the house and talk—well, mostly the girls would talk; I didn’t want to ruin their mother-daughter-sister bonding time by opening my fat mouth—a decision I was about to pay for dearly.

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I Had to Leave America to Write, part 3

Sep 11, 2007 — In Part Three I return to Maine and have a terrific week with Fancy Pants, FPS (Fancy Pants’ Sister), and their assortment of very large dogs. I really like those girls. They’re smart and goofy and kind of ruthless; they’re full of odd personality combinations. They love the outdoors and have cynical senses of humor. They love their dogs.

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